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Eugenio Scandale

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Academic Secretary of the Unione Accademica Nazionale-UAN and President of the Accademia Pugliese delle Scienze. Degree in Physics and Post-graduation in Applied Physics (Bari University); Full Professor of Mineralogy (Bari University, 1990 2013). Professeur Associé of “Group Theory and Crystal Physics” and of “Materials Science” (Université P. et M. Curie de PARIS VI, A.A. 1979-1980); Professor of Mineralogy and of Crystallography (Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia, A.A. 1983-84 and 1984-1985) President of the “Corso di Studi in Scienze Geologiche” (1991-1993), Director of the Geomineralogico Department (1997-2002). Scientific Coordinator of National Research Technological Projects (CNR, Committee –11, 1994-1998). Main Field of Research: a) mineralogical crystallography and characterization of defects; b) growth marks of minerals vs genetic environments; c) crystal physics of real crystals, natural and synthetic.