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Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) is Austria’s central non-university research and science institution. Its statutory mission is to “promote science in every way”.

Founded in 1847 as a learned society, today the OeAW has over 770 members and 1,600 employees dedicated to innovative basic research, interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of new insights with the aim of contributing to progress in science and society as a whole.


The members of the Academy engage in interdisciplinary exchange to consider important questions concerning the future, advise on policy and society and inform the general public of important scientific insights. They also form commissions in which they examine questions of great relevance to science and society.


The OeAW operates 28 research institutes in the field of innovative basic research in the arts and humanities and the social and natural sciences. The Academy stimulates pioneering research by taking up future-oriented topics and ensuring the preservation and interpretation of cultural heritage.


The OeAW is especially committed to the sustainable support of promising young talents. Through its research institutes the Academy offers diverse opportunities for young researchers. The OeAW also supports highly qualified young scholars from beyond its own institutes by awarding fellowships and prizes.


The OeAW is a lively place for the dissemination of scientific achievements and insights. It serves as a forum for discussion and fosters society’s readiness to embrace science and technology. Through its wide-ranging events, which are also addressed to young people, it inspires the fascination of research.


The OeAW initiates and maintains international research partnerships and represents the Republic of Austria in international scientific organisations, supporting collaboration between leading researchers and Austrian participation in large-scale international projects. Within Austria the Academy cooperates with several scientific organisations and funding bodies, actively helping to shape the country’s research landscape.




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