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Manichaica Taurinensia

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The volume contains the proceedings of the ninth international symposium of the International Association of Manichaean Studies (IAMS) held at the University of Turin (11th-15th September, 2017) and covering all major aspects of Manichaean studies.

This new volume brings the research on many aspects of Manichaeism up to date and offers also first editions or re-editions with new interpretations of Manichaean texts in the languages used by the Eastern and Western Manichaeans. It includes important studies on Manichaean Art, and on newly discovered Manichaean texts in Chinese and Parthian from Xiapu in South China.


Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum

Publication details

  • TitleManichaica Taurinensia
  • Year of publication2022
  • CityTurnhout
  • Commercial PublisherBrepols
  • CollectionAnalecta Manichaica
  • Volume2
  • Format210 x 297 mm
  • ISBN978-2-503-58407-2
  • Available in Brussels?Yes