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Philosophi Byzantini (Corpus Philosophorum Medii Aevi)

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Project nº9-7, adopted in 1974

9-7a. Philosophi Byzantini & 9-7b. Commentaria in Artistotelem Byzantina

At the time, the lack of reliable critical editions of the works of the Byzantine philosophers was a major obstacle to the detailed examination of the philosophy of this important period. The Academy of Athens founded in 1984 a new series of critical editions, Philosophy Byzantini, as subseries of the Corpus Philosophorum Medii Aevi, in order to remedy to this lack. All volumes include the Greek text, a critical apparatus of variants and an apparatus of sources. The introduction is an account of the historical and philosophical context of the author’s work. The volume is also enriched with a translation of the Greek text in one of the international languages when the extent of the work makes it possible. During the first years since the publication of the first volume of the Philosophy Byzantini the importance of publishing the impressive corpus of commentaries on Aristotle by the Byzantine philosophers has become even more apparent. Following a positive proposal by the International Supervisory Committee of the Philosophy Byzantini Series , the Academy of Athens approved in 1994 the extension of the basic series of the works of the Byzantine philosophers to include the new series « Commentaria in Aristotelem Byzantina ».